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June 19, 2009

Selling My Soul To Gap and Grinning About It.

I feel like a rock star.

No, I’m serious.

Last week, I got an email that I nearly skipped over. I often get emails that mention my blog and some product being a great fit, or how I should use some networking website, or that I can look sexxy for le$$. I’ve grown wary of email. But this one was from a woman at Brand About Town, which I remembered hearing about on some other blogs – girls and their friends got free stuff for being awesome bloggers.

Or something like that.

I instantly freaked out and told my sister, my friend, and Mike about it. I believe my G-chat was something like, “OMG!)(#*@!!!!! GAP CLOTHES!!!!!!!!”

So I did was any self-respecting sell out would and calmly replied, “That would be great!”

Yesterday, I met with Justine, who was adorable and wonderful, by the way. After I stopped aplogizing for Cleveland’s weather (“It’s not usually this crappy! I promise!”), Justine bought me a mocha (Which: I work in the non-profit/community service world – I’m not used to people doing things like that, cue weird feeling of rock star-ness. Yes, I’m easily wooed.) and explained what being a Brand Enthusiast was all about.

Basically, it’s about being awesome and getting awesome stuff.

We were about to leave the coffee shop, when Justine was all, “Right, well why don’t we pop over to the Gap and have a look for a free outfit?” (Imagine this with her cute Australian accent. Continue the wooed-ness.)

“Excuse me? Are you kidding? Seriously? WHAT?”


She walked me around Gap and helped me pick out clothes – she could tell my size just my looking at me, and said several times how “tiny” and “small” I am. I sort of wanted to kiss her on the lips. Plus, she was was like a personal shopper who BOUGHT ME CLOTHES. The Gap girls and Justine kept referring to me as a “blogger;” it was all so surreal. I felt a bit like a deer caught in headlights and like I was dreaming it. Justine was so fabulous though, that an hour after meeting her I felt comfortable enough with her to say things like, “My boobs are too small for this!”

(The day I got the email, by the way, was the day I posted this. Ironic, eh? I must have been a pity-pick.)

Of course, I had to show you what I got, because you know I love photo shoots with myself:

The Shorts.

Shorts: freaking adorable, cream and blue stripes, a bit longer than most of my shorts. LOVE.

The Dress.
Can we talk about how adorable this dress is? And how it was actually cheap enough that I would have bought it myself? And how now I have a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding tomorrow? (I know – the pictures are awfully blurry. Oops. Anyone want to buy me a nice camera?)

The Tank.
Tank top – it’s cute and knit and adorable. But any ideas on how I can wear such a long top without adding 20 lbs to my hips? Try to ignore my face, okay?

Cheesin' in My New Dress.

Being cheesy in my dress. Seriously, though, HUGE thanks to Gap, Brand About Town, and Justine!

After the best week ever (job! apartment! Gap clothes! street fair!) – I have an equally awesome weekend planned: my favorite band, my cousin’s wedding, and a Father’s Day brunch. I live a semi-charmed kind of life. Baby.