Born to Fit Party + A Giveaway = A Good Day.

When I learned about throwing a Gap Born to Fit party, I was excited.

Yes, because of the jeans. Yes, because I got to share them with my friends. Yes, because FREE! Gap! Yay!

All those a very good things. But mostly because I have really awesome friends (and family who are friends) and I wanted the chance to get us together. We always promise each other, “We’ll get together!” and agree, “We need to see each other more often!” But, as I’m sure many others find, with the busyness of life, those intentions often are forgotten – so I was delighted to have the chance to make good on my promise and share these awesome jeans with them.

I held the gathering at my parents house, since our little place would be a bit crowded with fifteen people. My sisters helped me clean, cook, and set up. They are awesome sisters. Steph (unknowingly) provided the awesome fondue recipe, Katie brought some cookies left over from her wedding….


Which our little guest, my 3-year-old cousin, loved.

It was my aunt’s birthday, so naturally, we made her a cake…

Jeans Cake.
…shaped like a pair jeans.

We set up the jeans table and arranged the awesome (recycled!) tote bags:

The Totes.
Pillowcase around a dirty old bucket – are we creative or what?

With everything ready, we popped open the bubbly, but had a bit of difficulty with the wine:

Pregnant Lady Opens the Wine.
So my pretty pregnant aunt stepped in to save the day. Teehee.

We spent the rest of the evening chatting, trying on jeans, giving each other feedback, and eating lots of food. I convinced them eating lots of food while trying on jeans was the right thing to do. I mean, you want to have a realistic idea of how they’ll fit you, right? Right. It was basically like we brought the mall to our house – much more comfy, full of delicious food, and lots of girls around to help find the best pair of jeans. It was delightful.

Megan Loves Jeans.
Megan finding her perfect fit. (Hint: It’s probably short. Short girls unite!) (If you look closely, you can see my senior picture 8×10 in the background. Ha.)
Happy Birthday!

Aunt Nat making a wish for awesome jeans. (I totally made her wish come true.)

Born to Talk.

Chatting in between rounds of squeezing into jeans.

Born to Crochet.

Jenn is crocheting a shawl while rocking the Always Skinny jeans (aka: her date jeans.) I could not stop giggling at how tiny it is. A shawl! The tiniest miniature shawl ever right now.

We all erupted into laughter when he came out with these on. He quieted us with, “Guys! I have to tell you something!” Very seriously: “I think I need a belt.”

I gave him a certificate to get some jeans in his size.

Born to ALWAYS Look Good.
I’m convinced that anything she wears will make her look adorable.
The jeans table started out so neat and organized – it got pretty ransacked by the end….DaYoung and Katie are picking through it to find their size.

Date Jeans.
“They look SO good!”

Jenn had never own skinny jeans before – and we all agreed she looked amazing in these. She went on a date that night and kept them on. Gap jeans = hot date.

What do you think?
Katie, Jamie, Amy, and April are deciding which styles to try out. Katie’s butt looks so good, she can’t help but grab it, apparently. I don’t blame you, Katie. You’re hot.

The girls loved the jeans. My aunt said, “You can tell Gap we LOVE them. We don’t even have to pretend – these are just awesome.” My friend Jamie was “This is the first pair of skinny jeans I’ve ever had. They never looked good on me before.” (See for yourself.)

With my awesome new Flip video camera, I recorded some answers to Gap’s question, “What were you born to do?” for their YouTube group. Check them out and answer yourself to enter!

Want to try a pair of jeans from Gap for yourself? I have four certificates for jeans to give away – FOUR! That’s four chances to win. Just leave a comment telling me what you were born to do, Tweet (leave URL in a separate comment), or blog (leave URL in a separate comment) about this and you’ll get one entry for each. (I will only count entries that follow these rules, sorry!)

Deadline to enter: Tuesday, September 1st at 9:01 am EST.

Certificate is only valid in stores, not on


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  1. i was born to spread the gospel and by doing so i will also spread truepeace,love and kindness true jesus christ!

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