Win a Freakin’ Laptop, Yo.

I got an email asking if I’d like to give away a HP dm3 notebook and thought, “Eh, I’m a little busy to blog. Sorry, Potential Winner.”

Psych! (Helloo, 1992.)

Someone is going to have a very merry Christmas this year! (Or happy Hanukkah, or a happy Winter Solstice, or a great Festivus.)

That’s right, I have an HP Pavillion dm3 Ultra-Thin Laptop to give away to one lucky reader.

What exactly does this little guy look like?

I’m so glad you asked!

  • Features like snap, pin, shake, and peak in Windows 7 make day-to-day tasks a breeze on dm3
  • Windows 7 also offers better ways to find and manage files like Jump Lists and improved taskbar previews that help you speed through everyday tasks.  To open a Jump List, just right-click a program icon on the Windows 7 taskbar.
  • Great features like HomeGroup makes sharing music, pictures, videos, and document on home networks easy.
  • The dm3’s HP MediaSmart along with its BrightView LED display, SRS Premium Sound and Altec Lansing speakers with the option to connect to your HD TV via the HDMI port make the device ideal for experiencing music and video.
  • Ultra-low voltage processors and other features give the dm3 up to 10 hours of battery life (!!), letting users go where they need to without having to find a plug.
  • Windows 7 power management contributes to battery longevity by running fewer background activities, automatic screen dimming, powering off unused ports and more.

To Enter:

This is a quick little contest, just FIVE days long, which means a shorter window and more chance to win a laptop of your very own. Woohoo!

There are several ways to enter:

1. Comment on this post telling me why you need this laptop. (I’m partially to working in coffee shops, and thus “need” a laptop, so my definition of “need” is a bit flexible. ;))

2. Blog about the contest and leave a comment with the link on this post. (Bonus points if it includes a video. Woo!)

3. Tweet about the contest and leave a comment with the link on this post (use the hashtag “#MerryHPtoMe” so I can track the tweets).

Oh, and there is NO LIMIT for any of these. So, enter away!

The contest ends December 23rd at noon EST.


3,759 Comments to “Win a Freakin’ Laptop, Yo.”

  1. I need a laptop because my iMac is old and decrepit. It still works, but it takes about 5 minutes to load anything.

    I will blog and tweet this bad boy.

  2. I need this… because I’m the only girl in my house so I can take it and hide somewhere if I need :)

  3. I need it because it would make me smile :)

  4. My supposedly “good” laptop crashed and the old one I’m using has so many issues it would take all day to list everything that’s wrong with it! That’s why I’d love to win this! May the gods of random be with me on this one!

  5. Thanks for the chance at such an awesome prize. In all honesty, we have one barely functioning old dinosaur of a desktop computer, to share amongst our family of 7. It is pretty wonky and unreliable, and it makes me cranky because it totally interferes with blogging and tweet mojo and the children really need to have consistent and reliable internet access for school projects/homework. Even though replacing the dinosaur is inevitable, its really not in our budget at all to do so any time soon. I am praying for a small miracle.
    Have a blessed Holiday everyone!


  6. :D Hi! :)
    I do need a laptop! I have been meaning to buy a netbook, but whenever I get close to my goal, something happens and I have to spend the money in something more important… I’m a writer and I just got a “job” as a real writer’s assistant, there’s a lot of work to be done, specially now that he won the National Literature award, and I’m using his laptop, but I need something that’s mine, that I don’t have to return after a while, moving files from laptop to pc is rather annoying, because there are soooo many! Come on, can I get a laptop for xmas?

  7. I tweeted my heart out


  8. Tweet Tweet

  9. My pc is definitely on the naughty list! I am so hoping to win this laptop. The nicety of having a computer that works, the convenience of carrying it with when I travel, which seems to be a lot (not always for fun!). Especially now that so many public places offer free wifi and one can just go in and do what needs to be done on the laptop while sipping my hot chocolate! hmm tha sounds good gotta go make some!

  10. TWEET

  11. I need a new laptop badly as you can see, it took me 10 mintues to tweet 3 tweets, it should take that long w/ a new laptop

  12. Ho ho ho … a tweet

  13. I need a new laptop or computer -I am tweeting like its 1999 ooohhh 1999!

  14. My wife has her own laptop, but I do not. It sure would be nice to do something besides watch TV while she’s off playing her games!

  15. We need a new laptop for my dh. He deserves it for all he does and for how crappy our current computers are.

  16. I really need this for my kids they say I hog the computer which is true lol….so that would make me happy and them.

  17. My husband commutes two hours away about once a week and also does some business travel. It would be nice if he had a laptop to take with him, so he could see pics of his almost 2-year old daughter.

  18. I am in desperate need of a laptop. Mine is dying and I am in nursing school so that means lots of papers and studying on campus between classes and clinics. And laptop money spent on textbooks and tuition. A new laptop would be HUGE! And I love HP computers – I’m on my second one now and it has lasted 4 years before starting its inevitable decline. A sparkly new one would be fab :)

  19. Oh dear, I could easily find reasons why I need this laptop… as we trundle down to the tail end of 2009. It sure would help me out.

    And I never win contests or giveaways, so it’d be super-cool to end the year on a high note like that, huh?!!?


  20. I need this laptop in the worst way… actually it’s for my husband. his current lap top is in dire need of a fix me up… so here goes nothing in hopes of a merry christmas!!! gonna tweet this for an extra chance!

  21. I really need this, my computer keeps giving me the blue screen of death!!! I’m following you & I have tweeted this!!

  22. I need this laptop because my poor husband is gracious enough to let me have the ‘good’ laptop and limps along with his sound-card-less laptop that barely has enough speed to beat a tortoise in a foot race and has a faulty USB port that loses his internet just about the time he gets a page to load (did I forget to mention that he also has no wireless card and uses the USB port for a wireless hub?)

  23. Tweet!

  24. I use my computer CONSTANTLY but my husband wants to use it sometimes. This would help us both be happy. =)

  25. tweet tweet

  26. My kids all laugh at me for entering this contest. They know how much I want/need a laptop, but they tell me I sure won’t win one! But I am not giving up! It makes me excited to think I could really start writing, maybe articles at first, though I do have a few book ideas – anyone who has raised 10+ children should have experienced a few interesting things!! LOL

  27. My lap top is a desktop disguised as a lap top. I love it as a desk top, but its 18.5 inches don’t let me take it anywhere with ease, let alone to coffee shops to sip hot drinks while looking hip! I’m in BIG NEED for this little, thin lappie!

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